Calendars comes in many kinds of models and sizes. There are table calendars and wall calendars which comes in different models and sizes to fit your budget and requirement.

Calendars are ideal corporate gift for New Year. We specialize in Fully Customize and Partly Customized ready made calender’s. Since we have a team of Creative Designers we can design a 12 pages Wall and Table Calender’s for you.

Why Calendar Printing are Best Choice for New Year Gifts ?

Since calendars are with new year dates it is most up to date gift for new year which clients definitely uses. It is used for whole year from January to December and daily it is viewed at least once and so your brand logo and activities which are printed on it is visible all round the year.






T-Shirts, Caps Printing, in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Print T-Shirts, Caps in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
T-Shirts, Caps Printing, in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Print T-Shirts, Caps in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
T-Shirts, Caps Printing, in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Print T-Shirts, Caps in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Desk & Table Top Calendar Printing in Dubai :-

Unlike other gifts in calendars you can print detailed information about your company. In single page A3 calendar or tent calendar for desk or table top calendar you can print comparative less information ie just company name, logo, address and main activities but in 6 pages or 12 pages wall or desk calendar in which each page with display one or two month you can print much more information about your products and services and that particular information will be viewed by your client for whole month eg if you are dealing in 12 products then 1 product can be printed on each page with detailed description about that product. Same concept applied for services too.

Customized and Readymade Calendars:-

At Kitaab Alyom we offer fully customized calendars in which complete design and print is done from start and nothing is readymade. It is comparatively expensive for small quantities but for bulk quantities its very economical same time we also offer readymade calendars in which there are various themes like nature, flowers, culture etc and there is a space provided in bottom in which you can get your company name and logo printed. Readymade calendars are best suitable for less quantities.

Order Calendars Printing in Dubai

It is best if you order Calenders by August so we can have ample time to design and print and you can get first mover advantage if you distribute earlier to your clients. Specially for Overseas Clients it is advisable to order much earlier so you can get advantage of Cheap Transport Cost.

You can save on cost also as for rush jobs rates are bit expensive. If you are located outside Dubai and want to import bulk quantity then ship transport is much cheaper and august or September is right time to get things started.

Dubai is right place to order Customized Calenders for Local and Export use